Double Bubble Slot

The beauty of playing any Microgaming designed video slot game is that you will find each one has lots of unique stand out qualities that makes them highly playable slot games. Take the Double Bubble Slot for example, this slot comes with a medieval type of them which extends from the back drop of the game right through to its many unique and exclusive reel symbols.

The slot offers a very straight forward type of playing structure on which you will find five video reels and you will have the ability of putting into play up to 20 paylines per spin. Coin values and the number of coins you can activate are also fully configurable so you can play the slot for tiny stakes or for some much higher stake levels.

The Chain Mail slot has a high paying set of reel symbols displayed on its pay table and it does return a higher than average payout percentage. One thing you will be hoping to do when playing this slot game is to spin in three of the bonus symbols for that will mark the arrival of its unique multi stage and often high paying pick to win bonus game.

Chain Mail Wild Symbol – You will usually find a wild symbol on most video slot games and when you choose to play the Chain Mail slot game you will find a special one in play on all five reels. The Chain Mail logo wild symbol stands in for all of the standard reel symbol but not the scatter or bonus symbols and as soon as it helps to form a winning combination it will double the payout of that winning combination or combination!

6000 Coin Jackpot – The Chain Mail slot game has a 6000 coin jackpot on offer which can be won via the base game. Five Wild Stamp symbols spinning in on an activated payline will award you with that 6000 coin jackpot. Be aware that each additional coin that you wager on the paylines will increase the jackpot on offer on this Chain Mail slot by another 6000 coins!

Pick to Win Bonus Game – On reels one, three and five of the Chain Mail slot game you can spin in a special Bonus reel symbol, and you have to get all three of those symbols spinning in together from a single base game spin to get to play off the main bonus game attached to this slot.

When you do spin in all three Bonus symbols the pick to win bonus game screen will be displayed on the slot game screen. You then have to pick off an item from the lowest row of the grid and you will then be awarded with a cash prize or all cash prize on that row and can then move up to the next level. As long as you avoid the game over symbol when picking off an item on each row you can then progress up the grid, the higher you get the more you will win!

Long Term RTP – You are always going to want to stick to playing slot games which have the very highest payout percentages, and that is something you will always benefit from when you choose to play Microgaming designed slots.

The long term expected RTP of their Double Bubble slot really is set very high and the payout percentage you should be achieving over your long term play on this slot is a high 96.44% which means plenty of wining opportunities will be coming your way whenever you play it!

The Fruit Shop Video Slot

Net Entertainment has various themes for their video slot machines to suit every taste and preference. The Fruit Shop Video Slot Machine is a fresh and fruity themed game that offers you a chance to not only bond with your favourite fruits but also get a chance to win big with Free Spins, Multipliers and multiple lines. A fruit shop is synonymous with health, delicious treats and a place to enjoy your favorite fruits. As a farmer, a fruit shop is a great place to sell your produce.



As a person seeking to live a healthy life, visiting a fruit shop gives you a chance to stock up your fridge as well as the opportunity to enjoy a preservative-free fruit salad, fruit smoothie or glass of juice. The fruit shop video slot machine is a tribute to health, wellness and natural taste. This video slot machine game is a part of the Smart Range group of games. The great thing about Smart Range games is the fact that the graphics and set up of the game allows it to load faster and gives the player a high-quality gaming experience.

How to play:

The Fruit Shot video slot machine is a game that offers you 5 reels and 15 paylines for you to try your luck in. the coin value in this game is between 0.01 and 1.00 and each bet line’s maximum is 10 coins. This means that the game can let you bet a maximum of 150 coins – just like Gonzos Quest slot. In this video slot machine, you will see simple but memorable fruit graphics, a maximum bet and autoplay option alongside the bet line and coin value controls.


The maximum bet button is a daring move for any player. This button will select the maximum bet level and bet paylines to spin in one round. This button will not alter your coin value. There are additional settings for sound, graphics and autoplay advanced settings. These controls are found on the bottom left of the video slot machine.

Fruit Shop Regular Symbols:

The Fruit Shop slot machine has a variety of regular symbols aside from the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten symbols displayed in a colorful and playful font. There is also the Cherries, Plum, Lemon, Orange and Melon symbols. There mere mention of those symbols actually makes you crave a fruit salad or smoothie! These can be substituted by the Wild Multiplier symbols and increase your chances of winning big on betlines.

Wild Multiplier Symbols

The Wild Multiplier symbol is the theme of the game’s name which is a Fruit Shop. When placed as a substitute symbol on a winning payline, the wins are doubled. Different bet lines with the Fruit Shop as part of the winning payline can also get you wins. It is important to note that only Wild Multiplier symbol is applied per active bet line.

Fruit Shop Free Spin Bonus Round

When multiple fruit symbols appear on a bet line, this activates the Free Spin Bonus Round. During this round, unlike other video slot machines, any winning spins earns you additional free spins. All wins in this round are doubled and those with the Wild Symbol in them pay out both the Wild Symbol multiplier plus the Free Spin multiplier total.

When in the regular game, multiple fruit symbols get you free spins. 5 symbols get you 5 free spins. In the Free Spin Bonus Round, ALL symbols can get you free spins and in the case of the other combinations, 5 symbols add you 5 free spins.

Skill Stop and Autospin Features

The Autospin feature in this game will let you select spins between 10 and 1000 and then letting the computer spin the selected number of spins. You are able to manually stop the spins or select options in the advanced settings which can let you stop spins if you get a winning line, if you get a certain amount of wins per spin or if you reach a certain total of coins.

The Skill Stop feature lets you beat the Spin button at its own game. You can control when a regular spin comes to a halt before the reels automatically stop. This does not always guarantee that you will win and it requires a quick eye to be able to stop the spin. The ‘Quick Spin’ setting in the game is also a great variation of the Skill Stop feature because it cuts down the waiting time for reels spinning.


The Fruit Shop video slot machine game gives you many avenues to increase your chances of spinning winning bet lines. For example, you can get the maximum jackpot per bet line when you spin 5 Cherries symbols. You can play this slot machine for fun or you can bet real money in various common currencies. The game’s default currency is the Euro. Other currencies available in the game include the US Dollar and the Sterling Pound. The coin total will not change even when the currency does. There is no need to download any mobile application or computer software to enjoy this game from Smart Range and Net Entertainment. You are able to select as many themes of games to play and you can enjoy hours of entertainment and win some money in the process.



Starburst Slots

NetEntertainment has been known to deliver exceptional themes in their slot games. Right from the graphics, design, planning and execution, NetEnt games are filled with lots of features and innovativeness.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the company has created yet another power-packed game for slot game lovers – Starburst!

This unique game has been anticipated since quite some time now and all NetEnt fans are delighted to finally see the game into action. NetEnt has done excellent publicity and advertising for this game and therefore, a lot of slot game players started playing this game as soon as it was released in late 2012.

The Stunning Theme of Starburst Slot

As the name goes, you would expect to find lot of cosmic elements on your screen when you think about Starburst. However, the game is more about gems and sparkling graphics that enlighten your screen and take you on an adventure ride.

The background resonates a dark night filled with stars that you can clearly see shining in the sky. The gems include different shapes and sizes like rectangles, squares and hexagons. The colours are vibrant and inviting like blue, orange and purple and each of them have a sparkle that glitters on your screens.

There are also the usual slot game symbols like Sevens and Bars, adorned with sparkles.

The Interesting Features of Starburst Slot

This is a five reel video slot game with 10 pay lines. It is a non-progressive jackpot with a maximum coins jackpot of 2,500 and maximum jackpot in cash of $2,500.

The maximum coins that you can wager are 100-meaning 10 per pay line. This game has a mix of features like wild symbols, scatter symbols and a bonus game. It does however, lack free spins and multipliers.

The betting range is from $0.01 to $100 and the coin bet range is from $0.01 to $1. This kind of wide bet range is a great way to increase the number of players since different kinds of players can enjoy the game with different paying abilities.

The payout is also quite generous and ensures that players go home happy with the money they make on the game. Starburst is a two-way paying slot game so you can enjoy win both ways, therefore, giving you one more reason to indulge in this gaming experience.

Starburst Logo-The Wild Symbol

Starburst wild symbol appears on reels two, three and four only. When it appears, it expands on the entire reels as well to create winning combinations.

You can also get a re-spin when wild symbol appears and a maximum five re-spins. The overall experience of playing with the wilds and the bonuses are quite rewarding since the sounds and graphics change and make you feel like you are part of a cosmic extravaganza!

The Final Verdict

This game is a good addition to NetEnt’s portfolio and it is surely worth a try. While some may enjoy the simplicity, some may miss additional features in the game.

Overall, it does reward you in many ways and will take you on a starry experience!

Travelling with a Toddler

Many people who are already parents and others who are expecting to be parents soon look for affordable and effective strollers or travel system that will last for a longer period of time simply because the cost of baby products keeps adding up with time. Most parents prefer a travel system over a stroller simply because it has many benefits and is cost effective to buy one.

While choosing a baby travel system, it is good to consider the following factors. These are the same factors that most parents consider for them to come to a decision of purchasing a baby travel system over a stroller.

Most parents prefer a travel system over a stroller as they are perfect for different stages in the baby’s life. The parents therefore feel that that is the right baby’s product as they do not have to fuss with different travel products at the same time. The baby’s travel system is fantastic as it offers various transportation items in one. The hand carrier works best for infants as it does exclude extra paddling and this keeps the baby comfortable and in place. The stroller on the other hand is adjustable and can be used till when a child is three years of age.

Travel systems  has been designed in a way that one can use it daily and still get different travel options that will be perfect for the parents and the baby. The travel system has a high seat that provides the base where it gets easier to access the baby so that if you want to remove the child fast, then you can do that easily and when needed.

When it’s time to attach the carrier back to the stroller or to the vehicles base then one should use the buttons or the latches to snap the carrier safely into place. The stroller has a disadvantage in that it is very hard to store it away. The travel system on the other hand has a simple mechanism by which you can be able to lock and unlock the stroller with one hand. Once unlocked, the stroller collapses into a compact shape which helps in saving the space and helps in making storage very easily. When the stroller is needed back, then there is a quick way of opening it up as it automatically snaps into place, ready for use once again.

Travel systems are very versatile. They provide a hand carrier and a stroller in one great set. Most travel systems models usually have a car seat. Once the infant has outgrown the carrier, you can move on to the stroller without the need to purchase a new one. The travel systems are used in the first few years of their child’s life.

The travel systems are made in different modern designs that fit perfect the modern families. The travel systems work best for all parents and this therefore is the reason why anybody would prefer them over standing walking strollers.

Catalan Cooking Class

Rachel McCormack is originally from Scotland but spent most of her twenties living in Spain, mostly Barcelona. While she was there she caught the Catalan obsession with food and learned how to cook from eating in restaurants, talking to women in the markets, watching her friends fight over which was the correct recipe from a certain village and also watching their Mothers in their kitchens.

In the classes at Bea’s of Bloomsbury Rachel tries to re-create the kind of meal that she has at her friends’ houses in Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia. It’s an informal gathering where you eat good ham, cheese and olives while everyone helps to prepare food and has a big discussion about the provenance of the food that is being made as well how to solve all the world’s problems. In the class solving the world’s problems is optional.

The classes will concentrate on a different theme depending on
the season and the  produce available.

The maximum size of the class is 8 so it is a real interactive class with everyone making and everyone helping. We eat the aperativos while we do the rest of the cooking and then we sit down together and eat the other two courses and share the Catalan wine.

At the end of the class you will have eaten a lot of good food learned about what you are making and will have taken away a lot of ideas that you can then easily replicate at meals for friends and families.
Please come in comfortable clothing and shoes, with your hair tied back if necessary . Aprons etc will be provided.
The class starts at 6.30 for 7pm prompt start and costs £60 for the tuition, food and wine.


Spanish food, like Italian is very regional. You would notice the difference having dinner in a Catalan’s house or an Andaluz’s as with Italians in a Ligurian’s house and a Sardinian’s. Rachel’s experience of Spain was, apart from a year in Santander, in the Catalan capital Barcelona so her knowledge and style of cooking is Catalan. The classes are Spanish cooking classes but looking at the region of Catalonia in particular, hence the name. Who are the cooking classes and events suitable for? Anyone who likes to eat, is interested in food and who wants to have a good time. Catalan food is not just about Ferran Adria and complicated molecular gastronomy.

There is a strong tradition of really high quality domestic cooking that has been an excellent spring board for chefs such as Adria, Joan Roca and Carme Ruscellada among others. Rachel’s classes are about showing you how simple it can be to create delicious Catalan dishes and serve them to your friends and family while enjoying what you do, whether you are an accomplished cook or a kitchen disaster.

What if I can’t get to the cooking  classes but want to learn? You can cook at the cook a longs on twitter from anywhere with internet access and a kitchen, or you can read the blog. If you would like to organise a class in your area then please contact All the events and classes are above and the blog contains all kinds of information and recipes on Catalan and Spanish food. Click on the title of each class or event to find more about the contents  or email me at for more information.