Catalan Cooking Class

Rachel McCormack is originally from Scotland but spent most of her twenties living in Spain, mostly Barcelona. While she was...

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02 NovTravelling with a Toddler with the Ideal Travel System

Many people who are already parents and others who are expecting to be parents soon look for affordable and effective strollers or travel system that will last for a longer period of time simply because the cost of baby products keeps adding up with time.

Most parents prefer a travel system over a stroller simply because it has many benefits and is cost effective to buy one.

While choosing a baby travel system, it is good to consider the following factors. These are the same factors that most parents consider for them to come to a decision of purchasing a baby travel system over a stroller.

Most parents prefer a travel system over a stroller as they are perfect for different stages in the baby’s life.

The parents therefore feel that that is the right baby’s product as they do not have to fuss with different travel products at the same time. The baby’s travel system is fantastic as it offers various transportation items in one. The hand carrier works best for infants as it does exclude extra paddling and this keeps the baby comfortable and in place. The stroller on the other hand is adjustable and can be used till when a child is three years of age.

Travel systems has been designed in a way that one can use it daily and still get different travel options that will be perfect for the parents and the baby.

The travel system has a high seat that provides the base where it gets easier to access the baby so that if you want to remove the child fast, then you can do that easily and when needed.

When it’s time to attach the carrier back to the stroller or to the vehicles base then one should use the buttons or the latches to snap the carrier safely into place. The stroller has a disadvantage in that it is very hard to store it away. The travel system on the other hand has a simple mechanism by which you can be able to lock and unlock the stroller with one hand. Once unlocked, the stroller collapses into a compact shape which helps in saving the space and helps in making storage very easily. When the stroller is needed back, then there is a quick way of opening it up as it automatically snaps into place, ready for use once again.

Travel systems are very versatile. They provide a hand carrier and a stroller in one great set. Most travel systems models usually have a car seat. Once the infant has outgrown the carrier, you can move on to the stroller without the need to purchase a new one. The travel systems are used in the first few years of their child’s life.

The travel systems are made in different modern designs that fit perfect the modern families. The travel systems work best for all parents and this therefore is the reason why anybody would prefer them over standing walking strollers.

21 JulCatalan Cooking Class

Rachel McCormack is originally from Scotland but spent most of her twenties living in Spain, mostly Barcelona. While she was there she caught the Catalan obsession with food and learned how to cook from eating in restaurants, talking to women in the markets, watching her friends fight over which was the correct recipe from a certain village and also watching their mothers in their kitchens.

In the classes at Bea’s of Bloomsbury Rachel tries to re-create the kind of meal that she has at her friends’ houses in Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia. It’s an informal gathering where you eat good ham, cheese and olives while everyone helps to prepare food and has a big discussion about the provenance of the food that is being made as well how to solve all the world’s problems. In the class solving the world’s problems is optional.

The classes will concentrate on a different theme depending on the season and the  produce available. The maximum size of the class is 8 so it is a real interactive class with everyone making and everyone helping. We eat the aperativos while we do the rest of the cooking and then we sit down together and eat the other two courses and share the Catalan wine.

At the end of the class you will have eaten a lot of good food learned about what you are making and will have taken away a lot of ideas that you can then easily replicate at meals for friends and families. 

Please come in comfortable clothing and shoes, with your hair tied back if necessary . Aprons etc will be provided. The class starts at 6.30 for 7pm prompt start and costs £60 for the tuition, food and wine.