11 MayThe Fruit Shop Video Slot

Net Entertainment has various themes for their video slot machines to suit every taste and preference. The Fruit Shop Video Slot Machine is a fresh and fruity themed game that offers you a chance to not only bond with your favourite fruits but also get a chance to win big with Free Spins, Multipliers and multiple lines.

A fruit shop is synonymous with health, delicious treats and a place to enjoy your favorite fruits. As a farmer, a fruit shop is a great place to sell your produce.

As a person seeking to live a healthy life, visiting a fruit shop gives you a chance to stock up your fridge as well as the opportunity to enjoy a preservative-free fruit salad, fruit smoothie or glass of juice. The fruit shop video slot machine is a tribute to health, wellness and natural taste. This video slot machine game is a part of the Smart Range group of games. The great thing about Smart Range games is the fact that the graphics and set up of the game allows it to load faster and gives the player a high-quality gaming experience.

How to play:

The Fruit Shot video slot machine is a game that offers you 5 reels and 15 paylines for you to try your luck in. the coin value in this game is between 0.01 and 1.00 and each bet line’s maximum is 10 coins.

This means that the game can let you bet a maximum of 150 coins – just like Gonzos Quest slot. In this video slot machine, you will see simple but memorable fruit graphics, a maximum bet and autoplay option alongside the bet line and coin value controls.

The maximum bet button is a daring move for any player. This button will select the maximum bet level and bet paylines to spin in one round. This button will not alter your coin value. There are additional settings for sound, graphics and autoplay advanced settings. These controls are found on the bottom left of the video slot machine.

Fruit Shop Regular Symbols:

The Fruit Shop slot machine has a variety of regular symbols aside from the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten symbols displayed in a colorful and playful font. There is also the Cherries, Plum, Lemon, Orange and Melon symbols. There mere mention of those symbols actually makes you crave a fruit salad or smoothie! These can be substituted by the Wild Multiplier symbols and increase your chances of winning big on betlines.

Wild Multiplier Symbols

The Wild Multiplier symbol is the theme of the game’s name which is a Fruit Shop. When placed as a substitute symbol on a winning payline, the wins are doubled. Different bet lines with the Fruit Shop as part of the winning payline can also get you wins. It is important to note that only Wild Multiplier symbol is applied per active bet line.

Fruit Shop Free Spin Bonus Round

When multiple fruit symbols appear on a bet line, this activates the Free Spin Bonus Round. During this round, unlike other video slot machines, any winning spins earns you additional free spins. All wins in this round are doubled and those with the Wild Symbol in them pay out both the Wild Symbol multiplier plus the Free Spin multiplier total.

When in the regular game, multiple fruit symbols get you free spins. 5 symbols get you 5 free spins. In the Free Spin Bonus Round, ALL symbols can get you free spins and in the case of the other combinations, 5 symbols add you 5 free spins.

Skill Stop and Autospin Features

The Autospin feature in this game will let you select spins between 10 and 1000 and then letting the computer spin the selected number of spins. You are able to manually stop the spins or select options in the advanced settings which can let you stop spins if you get a winning line, if you get a certain amount of wins per spin or if you reach a certain total of coins.

The Skill Stop feature lets you beat the Spin button at its own game. You can control when a regular spin comes to a halt before the reels automatically stop. This does not always guarantee that you will win and it requires a quick eye to be able to stop the spin. The ‘Quick Spin’ setting in the game is also a great variation of the Skill Stop feature because it cuts down the waiting time for reels spinning.


The Fruit Shop video slot machine game gives you many avenues to increase your chances of spinning winning bet lines. For example, you can get the maximum jackpot per bet line when you spin 5 Cherries symbols. You can play this slot machine for fun or you can bet real money in various common currencies. The game’s default currency is the Euro. Other currencies available in the game include the US Dollar and the Sterling Pound. The coin total will not change even when the currency does. There is no need to download any mobile application or computer software to enjoy this game from Smart Range and Net Entertainment. You are able to select as many themes of games to play and you can enjoy hours of entertainment and win some money in the process.

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